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A mountain climber standing on a rocky ledge overlooking a vast and rugged canyon wondering how he will cross it.

 This Is Your Beginning.

We love helping people.

Specifically, we love helping people grow. We're a close team of licensed Christian counselors who are experts at helping our clients achieve results using time-tested Christian counseling techniques. We love helping people 'put the pieces together.'


How Genesis Counseling can benefit you:


  • Successfully navigate relationships

  • Become a more effective leader

  • Overcome past trauma & hurts

  • Manage life's complexities

  • Gain more confidence 

  • Break old patterns

  • Think differently


We're not make-you-feel-good counselors, we're prepare-you-for-anything counselors. We take our Christianity seriously (but we don't take ourselves seriously!). If you identify with anything written above, we can definitely help you.

- Jon 


How Change Happens:


It doesn't take a long time to change. Change can happen in an instant. Getting to a place where you know you NEED to change is what takes time.

Identify the Issue

Problems are complex. Solutions usually aren't. There is a low probability of solving a problem if we can't first accurately identify the problem.

Discover Beliefs

Beliefs dictate behaviors. Discover the beliefs and values that are giving you problems will allow you to literally redesign yourself.


You were built for purpose, not comfort. Finding your purpose produces deep satisfaction in life. Discovering your purpose ignites change.

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