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Words of Wisdom

A collection of helpful and inspiring videos from your friendly neighborhood Christian Counselor!

#1: Conflict Resolution 101: Seven steps to help you navigate conflict.

#2: What's the difference between judgment and condemnation? 

#3: The psychological importance of Nietzsche's abyss idea.

#4: Helpful tips on making good decisions in the aftermath of dificulty.

#5: Here's several questions your teen is struggling with but is afraid to ask you about.

#6: Many people don't understand unconditional love. Here's how to properly understand it.

#7: How the idea of Infinite Regression can help you successfully navigate any problem.

#8: One of the most important things to teach your child is how to play fair. Here's why.

#9: What's the importance of being made in the image of God? Why is this concept important in relationships?

#10: What's wrong with the casual sex hook-up culture?

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